Monday, January 24, 2011

Dealing With Rejection

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I had a conversation with a friend the other day about rejection. She was quite upset because she received a form rejection. I didn't quite understand why. She is of the opinion that an agent should offer feedback as to why they rejected the query. Jigga What?

I don't get all chopped and screwed about rejections. Sure,I've only received about five so far.  But that's because my query was absolutely horrid. Before ROLY THE GODDESS was kind enough to critique it and show me where it needed help,I was so proud of my query! After all,I had spent hours working on the accursed thing. But looking back at it,it sucked. Even if I wrote a sparkling query that made everyone who read it sigh in ecstasy,someone would reject it. Maybe I am more demented than most aspiring writers but I simply don't care about rejection. I really don't. It is an occupational hazard of this business. It's not as if the agent is shrieking; Nicola,you accursed wench,begone with this wretched book! Summon the popo's!

They aren't. Maybe my book is too similar to something they are already dealing with. Maybe they don't want a YA paranormal. Maybe they just aren't interested. Whatever the reason,I keep it moving and stay smiling. Some agent will like it one day. Perhaps I am a disgustingly cheery Goth. Now isn't that a strange combination?

But I am always positive. I know my books will find a home. I don't dwell on rejections. Nor do I believe in going online with other writers and moaning about rejections. That is a never-ending circle of bad energy feeding off of itself.

Every writer gets rejected. That's why pursuing a writing career requires a thick skin. My dream agent is out there. I feel it. So,when I get those R's,I silently send a thanks to the agent for considering my query,delete the e-mail, and in the words of Jay-Z,it's onto the next one.

Blessed Be

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